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Designers and artists are constatly creating new ideas and approaches on denim, and give the fabrics a new breathe. We are conveting those ideas into realities and making denim in most wanted styles for all denim lovers.


Denim is a rugged, sturdy, twill weave woven fabric.
We mostly make denim in below fabric qualities.

100% cotton Denim

This is the normal denim which you can treat in many different ways to create the different types detailed below. This fabric is very durable, hard wearing and versatile.

Stretch Denim

This is denim incorporated with stretchy synthetic fiber like lycra/ spandex which gives it stretch. The stretch of the fabric will depend on the percentage of elastane in it.

Stretch Denim

This refers to a finish achieved in denim fabric using different processes Colour of the fabric fades as a result of the abrasion and creates an attractive contrast with the indigo colour.

We normally do below below wash processes on Denim.

  • Stone washing
  • Rinse wash
  • Whiskering
  • Grinding
  • Sandblasting
  • Bleaching /bleach wash
  • Wrinkling
  • Tacking
  • Spraying
  • enzym Wash
  • Ripping pilling and cutting
  • Overdyeing
  • Tinting
  • Snow washing


Below are some styles that we do regularly butwe are capable of doing any of the customer specific. You are warmly welocme to share your required style.